Thursday, March 11, 2010

U P Journal Of Political Science

UP Journal of Political Science is a leading national bilingual and bi annual Journal. The journal is primarily devoted to critical research oriented thinking in the field of Political Science with multidimensional horizon. It is heartening to mention that 14 volumes of the journal have already been published and the forthcoming issue of the journal is likely to be published in the month of July 2010.

The UP Journal of Political Science is widely acclaimed and appreciated across the country. The journal is subscribed in most of the good libraries including Indian Council of Social Sciences, New Delhi. Great scholars and renowned professors have contributed their writings in the journal. The journal also publishes Book Reviews and Research notes.

The forthcoming issue of the Journal is Theme Based issue and is devoted to Indian Government and Politics. The four sub themes identified to be focused in this issue are: Impact of Regional political parties on National politics, Judicial Accountability, Indian Federalism, and Manifestation of Political Culture in India.

We invite articles, book reviews and research notes on the above mentioned themes. The articles should be original and reflecting on Research based factual analysis, critical and substantive thinking. Articles should be in around 10 pages on single space 12 font size Times new Roman font in English or Kruti Dev 10 in Hindi. The articles should also accompany an abstract in around 250-300 words. Articles should be sent in Hard copy with a CD and should also be forwarded on Journal email address:

The reference Format of the article will be as under Sir name, First name, abbreviated middle name, artile/book title,, Journal name/edited book title, Vol,no, Publishers, place, year Example: A Book By One Author Carol,j, The Cliffs Won't Do: Read the Book.: McGraw Hill, Philadelphia 1997.

Article From a Periodical Ramsey, Pamela. "Where's My Smiley Face?" MacWorld ,xii, Sept. 1997: 86-94.

Last date for submission of articles is 30th May 2010.

The articles will be accepted for publication only after our Referee panel and reviewing committee gives accent to it. Kindly do not send any recommendations for publication of articles. Hope the journal will achieve new heights with forthcoming issue. If you have any positive suggestion regarding the improvement of Journal, kindly feel free to write to the Chief Editor. Subscription rates as under:

Single Copy :Individual: Rs 100 Institutional Rs 200

Annual Subscription: Individual Rs 200 Institutional Rs 500

Two Year Subscriton :Individual Rs 350 Institutional Rs 700
Life Membership: Individual Rs 1000 Institutional Rs 3000

Copies can be booked in advance by sending the subscription amount through cheque/ Bank Draft drawn in favour of Chief Editor, UP Journal of Political Science.

Publication Address:

Department of Political Science, Christ Church College, Kanpur Phones Basic: 0512- 2562641 Mob: 09794406000 email:

Dr Ashutosh Saxena

Chief Editor

UP Journal Of Political Science

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